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Wastes Management

We at Jaz Hotel Group focus a lot on this subject and pay it a lot of attention and importance. Because what you do with your wastes reflects your corporate image & performance.

At Jaz Hotel Group we created our systems for collecting, reusing, recycling and reducing our wastes either liquids or solids in an easy and simple way, bearing in mind raising our staff awareness and conserving our resources.

Wastes Collection

Waste collection is done in an easy, simple way from its source, to facilitate the segregation process. The garbage containers sets are all around in our properties and the back areas of our departments & kitchens. We apply a similar process for the liquids that are a big proportion of our wastes. We also collect used batteries, cartridge toners and light bulbs.

Reusing Wastes

We reuse wastes via a lot of methods. We try to reuse as much as we can from our solid wastes that negatively impact the environment. Similarly the old glass bottles, linens, towels, curtains……etc which we use in making some handcrafts and as decorative ornaments in different areas like bars, staff housing, laundry bags, cochins covers….etc

Wastes Recycling

We were the leading hotels company to recycle plastic, metal and cardboard using new technologies. We used to compress the solid wastes in big ballets and sell them to different plants and factories for using them as fertilizers and in new industries, but this action had stopped as per the Egyptian environmental law. We currently recycle only small items and send the rest of our wastes for other contractors.

Reducing Wastes

The most important output of our wastes management system is changing the mentality of our staff and increasing their environmental awareness. To succeed in reducing wastes, we needed the cooperation of our staff and guests whom we always reminded via signs and instructions in our day to day operation in all areas. We also conduct a lot of awareness sessions for our staff about methods of reducing our wastes.

Buying most of our supplies in big containers and bulks relative to our occupancies helps a lot in the reducing process, in addition to using big dispensers for water and chemicals that also help reduce our wastes.

Moreover issuing purchasing requisitions according to the number of guests is very important to reduce our wastes quantity.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects in the Earth's environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans.

We started the long way and will continue and show our commitment just to make a difference, we should have the courage to step into it and carry the torch of change.

Hazardous Wastes

The hotels operations don’t have too much of hazardous wastes due to the nature of the business. But we normally control those items in various ways.

Types of hazardous wastes:
  • - Used batteries
  • - Fluorescent lamps
  • - Printer cartridges
  • - Chemicals containers
  • - Used oils

We collect batteries and fluorescent lamps and give them to the authorized contractor. Our staff receives regular trainings in this regards and visible containers are available in the operation areas.

Empty printer cartridges are collected and returned to the supplier meanwhile the store keepers don’t approve any new purchase requisition unless they receive the used cartridge.

Used oils are collected in old containers and sold to contractors to be used in soap industry. Prior to this step we add chlorine or any other disinfectant to make sure that it will go to the right direction.

Chemical containers are cut from the bottom to make sure that the contractors only use them in the recycling process (compressing followed by shredding to be used in new industries).