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Resources Monitoring & Conservation

To monitor our consumption and conserve our natural resources; the sustainability department implemented a standard system for all hotels to follow, for monitoring our consumptions.


Benefits of Monitoring Our Resources:
  • - Locales benefits from sustainable use of natural resources
  • - Enhancements of inhabitants and ecosystems
  • - Monitoring the populations of certain species of plants and animals
  • - To determine any positive impact of our intervention on the ecosystem
  • - To evaluate our performance bench marked against the international standards

At Jaz Hotel Group, we introduced a sophisticated system for monitoring all of our resources (water, electricity, wastes, paper, fuel/diesel, water irrigation, chemicals, CO2, energy).

Projects and targets are annually set for each hotel individually according to its consumptions and the resources share of its guests. Internationally, there are standards for resources management for hotels to achieve. Their benchmarking differs from 4 to 5 stars. Our target is that Jaz Hotel Group hotels not only follow these standards but to achieve good figures.

Consumption Targets

Every year after finalizing the annual sustainability report, we plan for next year’s targets that have to do with our main resources consumption, as follows:

24 KW
KW/Day per guest

Fuel Diesel
2.2 Liter
Liter/Day per guest

350 Liter
Liter/Day per guest

Total Energy
40 kw
KW/Day per guest


The Sustainability department had put some projects in place as a standard for the whole company to follow. A monthly target is assigned for each hotel and for each project separately according to the hotel’s business situation.

We started our projects implementation back in 2009 and since then we had achieved a lot of our targets.

Our projects focus on new technologies and green energy:
  • - LED lights
  • - Power saving bulbs
  • - Solar heating system
  • - Electric sensors and timers
  • - Water reducers
  • - Testing the sea water quality