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Sustainability Policies & Procedures

It is crucial and essential for us to constantly and consistently think innovatively, to progress and develop while always keeping an eagle eye on all the changes and transformations in our communities and the world; new threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to always monitor our standards, evaluate them, identify and point out what needs to be rectified; because modern day life is all about progress and development.

Growth and development are born with time and keeping up with this; we are rapidly, clearly and effectively envisioning and creating our own paths for sustainability presence.

Since we believe that we have a role towards bettering and positively affecting our community, we created a manual for our policies to educate our staff, management, guests, suppliers and partners.

Jaz Sustainability Manual

Our simple manual describes what we are aiming for and our vision for our sustainable future, it also educates our internal customers, clients and partners about all that’s new in technology etc.. related to this field. The challenges are as intense as the subject itself, trying to set rules & systems that our communities are not acquainted with.

 Download Jaz Sustainability Manual

Jaz Sustainability Policy

We aim to provide hospitality services that are committed to enhancing the environment, society and economy for our future generations. That’s why we created our sustainability policy, putting guidelines for our sustainability activities and efforts, targets and objectives.

 Download Jaz Sustainability Policy

Jaz Community Policy

Giving back to our community is the core of our sustainability strategy. We wanted so much to highlight the importance of the idea of community support and services to our staff and guests. And we consider succeeding in this, one of our strength points

 Download Jaz Community Policy

Jaz Environmental Policy

How we thrive to conserve and protect our environment is very important, accordingly it was crucial to create environmental conservation policy in place before trying to implement any standards. Our commitment, monitoring and measuring systems, planning, targets, reports were the main factors on which we built our environmental policy and which we use to develop new approaches.

 Download Jaz Environmental Policy