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Jaz Local Community Services

There are many definitions and many different ways for communities to attain a more sustainable future. The sustainability of a community depends on creating and maintaining its economic and environmental health, promoting social equity, and fostering broad-based citizens’ participation in planning and implementation. Communities that engage citizens and institutions to develop sustainability principles, collective vision for the future and those who apply an integrated approach to environmental, economic, and social goals are generally more likely to be successful.

Sustainability is a popular topic in many industries, such as forestry, agriculture and production. It is also becoming more and more popular in public works.

Today, sustainability is a key factor of consideration when constructing sewage systems, roads, public buildings and parks among other types of infrastructure projects.

Jaz Hotel Group is very into community service & sustainability and constantly tries to lead the journey with different activities, efforts, time, and money being a pioneer in this field.

Our activities calendar is being followed at all of our properties; allowing our staff and guests to partake in giving back to our local community.

Clean-Up Days

We aid our communities by organizing clean up campaigns in the different natural parks e.g. Magawish Island, Ras Mohamed and Giftun Island. We celebrate five main environmental days. In addition to a monthly clean-up campaign that each of our hotels conducts engaging their guests and staff.

Sea Cleanup Campaigns

We also care about aquatic balance and accordingly we coordinate with our diving centers in separate areas sea clean-up campaigns. It’s a dual value/fun activity where guests participate to help us preserve the environment while diving or snorkeling.

Blood Donations

A main focus on our calendar to which our staff members are highly committed. These campaigns are organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and at other times Jaz Hotel Group sponsors the ministry’s campaigns.

In-Kind Donations

Where we donate our old linens, uniforms along with personal donations from the staff to people in need and civil associations.

United Nation Programs & NGO's

Jaz Hotel Group is an active partner in the UNDP program for “Soaring Bird migratory protection”. We promote this program; increasing guests & staff members’ awareness while trying to maintain a sustainable eco system. Different hotels collaborate with several NGOs concerned with marine life protection and environmental conservation e.g. we are a member of HEPCA - a famous Red Sea NGO in the field of environmental conservation.

Community Integration

Jaz Hotel Group helps in enhancing the local communities wherever its hotels are located, by giving the inhabitants a chance to be part of the hotels teams. We give them the priority upon hiring, help them sell their different hand crafts and home-made products to the staff. We also donate food remains to them to be used in their grazing activities. And children weren’t overlooked in our programs; we organize fun-filled orphans day celebrations at different properties to help the little ones mingle with the society in order not to feel left out.